Monday, August 4, 2008


I was wrong... It was so good! I was right...but I was wrong. :) Hee hee! Enjoy!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

The Countdown is Almost Over!!

The moment we have all been waiting so desperately for is nearly here!! We are literally down to hours my fellow lovers of Twilight! (Check out the countdown!) Will Bella and Edward live happily ever after or will Jacob steal our heroine away? (He better not or I will so be flaming marshmellowing Stephenie's house!) Will Edward turn Bella into a vampire? Intriguing. Here are my random and semi-unfounded (though I think not uneducated) guesses.

1. Bella and Edward will live happily ever after--mostly because I'm certain Stephenie fears the wrath of the flaming marshmellow...

2. Jacob will find the cure for vampirism. Maybe tricky, but let's be honest, Bella is never gonna be able to hold on to Edward if he remains a vampire and if she becomes one (and stays one I might stress because it would be most interesting to see this happen if you ask me and I think Meyers would be missing out on a very intriguing story arc if she didn't go this route) she can't stay one--it would be a bittersweet ending (which I am so not pro), would not answer the question of whether or not a vampire actually has a soul, and she would be losing everything that made Bella, well Bella. Plus, we have to fix the relationship between Bella and Jacob which I don't really see happening if she's all vampirey. Will Jacob give his life in this quest? I don't think so, but I do believe it will be taxing (again with my anti-bittersweet endings sentiment--maybe Jacob's not my favorite man, but I don't desire his demise).

3. Hunch number 3? Bella's blood has something to do with the cure. All I have to say is Immunity people!

4. Let's just enjoy the name of the book for a second shall we. Breaking Dawn. The whole series has really just been moving us through a night. From Twilight to New Moon to Eclipse and then Breaking Dawn. Literarily speaking, we're all about LIGHT now. Light, the source of truth and knowledge and goodness and purity. We're moving into a new age of hope for our beloved characters.

So all in all, I'm excited and I will so be at Walmart tonight at Midnight! I may or may not be sleeping tonight...