Sunday, September 14, 2008

To The Buckets!!

So last year we formed a band...we were really probably didn't hear about your loss. :) So let me introduce you to the band and the groupies. First we have Barb--she's our creative genius. She even wrote us a few songs--"Buton Poshin" and "A Little Bit Better Than You" and the ever popular "Living on De Nile." Then we have Samantha a.k.a. Candy. She's our lead singer and closet million (she supposedly created the rocket and sold it to NASA--whatever). Then we have Mickey. He's our drummer (and when we say drummer, we mean he plays a mean keyboard in the drumming mode). We call him the synth-drummer. And then there's me--the player of the under-respected though soon to be ever-popular nose flute. Yes people, you heard me right. The nose flute. If you've not yet been introduced to the glory that is the nose flute, boy are you missing out.

Then we have our illustrious groupies--without whom we would be nothing. Brecki Coriandor (also shown as Rebecka--though her name is Rebecca...don't ask...faulty photoshopping...) She's our posse reporter. She covers us and only us. And boy does she do it well. Finally, to our manager Melissa. We may not understand what she's saying all the time (she's Australian you know--with a slight British accent...) but we know she will never lead us astray. As long as we keep paying her.

PS. Save the turtles!

The Holy Buckets!