Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cherry Stem, Check!

For those of you perhaps wondering, "What in the world is that thing?!" in the photo, well, I would have to say that that is the successful completion of my first item on my list. Go me, go me!!! (For those of you not currently in the room with me -- those of you being all of you because well, I'm alone right now -- I'm doing a little groove dance in my chair. Join me. There's head bobbing.)

Yes friends, that is a cherry stem tied in a knot. And not just any knot, but a knot successfully executed by my tongue. Who knew my tongue had such talent?!

I could not have achieved this dream on my own though, so there are a few people I would like to thank. First and foremost I would like to thank my parents for buying me that virgin pina colada, without which I would never have had access to that cherry stem. I would like to thank the person who made my virgin pina colada. You placed that cherry ever so perfectly on my colada. I will never forget you, whoever you are... To the waitress who managed to bring me my pina colada without dropping the cherry on the least not to my the waitress, for getting the cherry to my table, sanitarily or not, may you serve the populace with cherry stems for many years to come. And last, but certainly not least, to my roommates who inspired me with the desire to tie that cherry stem and gave me not only the courage to tackle the task, but also the confidence to see it through to the end -- in spite of the fact that I'm pretty sure that table across the aisle from me was laughing at the "slightly" odd faces I was making as I attempted to complete what seemed to be an almost an insurmountable feat. You rock my roommates, you rock.


The Stanford Bunch said...

way to go!!!! =) =) =)

Tyler and Emily said...

You crack me up....I love it! Way to finish one of your 30 things.